We're often asked where we get our inventory.

Well, we don't actually go anywhere. It comes to us. Fresh inventory comes in the door literally (no pun intended) every day.

But we don't take just anything. We're actually fairly picky. So before loading up the car and heading in, please take a few minutes to get a rough idea of our requirements.

Our inventory falls into two categories:

Please keep in mind that we are not a junk shop. We like to think of ourselves as a used book and curiosity shop, purveyors of pre-enjoyed books and media. So, if you wouldn't want it in your home, chances are we don't want it in the shop either.

We do not accept goods that have been damaged by water or are infected with mold or a musty smell. Electronics must be in working condition. We do not accept bootleg items.

But within these broad requirements, we are always open to buy fresh inventoy. It might be best to call before you come in. But that's not necessary.

And, yes, we do estates.